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Akumulatory chłodu ICEON

ICE ON Engineering - innovative Ice Thermal Storage

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Akumulatory chłodu ICEON


Mar-Bud is a family company with Polish capital, founded in 1997 and is one of leading construction companies in Poland.

The main activity of company is general contracting of buildings in field of cubature construction,

engineering, industrial, ecological and railway infrastructure.


In 2016, Mar-Bud, as a result of the company's dynamic development, took steps to commercialize an innovative Ice Thermal Storage - ICE ON.

The final product is the result of many years of research and the involvement of many professionals peoples from HVAC market.


The process of implementing new product was preceded by a several year phase of research and testing of the device, both in laboratory conditions and in existing facilities, where it is possible to remotely monitor operating parameters in online mode. In addition, the device has been tested for real energy efficiency. A certificate was obtained, confirmed by a research unit specialized in precise measurements.

About company

Factory of innovative Ice Thermal Storage ICE ON is located 

in Przemysłowa 8 street, Łazy near Łuków

[Central of Poland]

Headquarters of Mar-Bud is located

in Pawła Włodkowica 2c street, Warsaw

[Central of Poland]