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Akumulatory chłodu ICEON

ICE ON Engineering - innovative Ice Thermal Storage

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Professional trainings for designers

We are a supplier of interesting knowledge in cooling systems and our professional training courses provide comprehensive information necessary at every stage of HVAC installation design for the most demanding customers.


We pride ourselves in providing practical knowledge to ensure right level of designing energy efficient cooling systems, while minimizing negative impact on the environment.


We organize both online and stationary training for customers.


Apply for professional training by sending a short message
on e-mail:



Professional support for designing process

Cooling systems based on ICE ON Ice Thermal Storage are optimal answer for individual requirements not only for investors, but also for HVAC designers.


Range of our services provide a lot of information for proffesional support on every stage of design - from concept to final technical design.


As part of the cooperation, we offer:


Creating hydraulic diagram of cooling room based on Ice Thermal Storage - ICE ON,

Creating text regarding to cooling room for technical description of  design,

Preparation of project file with full hydraulic calculations based on Instalsoft / Sankom - Polish engineering software,

Selection of other elements of the water cooling system - e.g. balancing and control valves,

pressure maintenance and degassing systems, safety valves, etc.