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Akumulatory chłodu ICEON

ICE ON Engineering - innovative Ice Thermal Storage

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Renewable energy sources (RES) in Poland provided
to 10 GW power system (data from March 28, 22), covering nearly half of the entire country's electricity demand. This historic record shows what is the current potential of alternative energy sources in Poland to be used.


In recent years, there has been a problem with the excess of electricity produced, which forces search for optimal solutions for its storage. 


Innovative ICE ON Ice Thermal Storage
are perfect solution for existing one
the need to store excess of energy.


They enable lower operating costs
cooling systems by 30% even without the use of renewable energy due to higher efficiency of cooling source due to lower temperature of the outside air.


Use of a 2 or 3-zone tariff in billing
with electricity supplier results in further significant savings in operating costs of HVAC systems.

Akumulatory chłodu ICEON

Energy in Ice - PCM storage 

- (Phase Change Materials)

Possible configurations of cooling installations

option IV - ICE ON Ice Thermal Storage works in hybrid system

option III - ICE ON Ice Thermal Storage reduce required power of chillers

option II - ICE ON Ice Thermal Storage provide peak demand

We determine optimal number of ICEON ice thermal storage using a precise investment profitability calculator.

option I - ICE ON Ice Thermal Storage provide 100% of demand

Electricity exchange prices are the highest
in history due to many factors, such as:


       increase in the prices of COemission allowances 


        EU climate policy


       instability of the energy market


The prospects for coming years include further, sharp increases in electricity prices.


Innovative engineering solutions are needed

Stock exchange prices of electricity in the years 2000-2021 in Poland

Akumulatory chłodu ICEON

Share of wind and solar power plants 

in covering Poland's demand for power

Akumulatory chłodu ICEON

Latent heat of

a phase transition

Energy accumulated in ICEON

Cooling demand


Cooling demand





Power of photovoltaic plants 

in Poland [2015-2021]

Akumulatory chłodu ICEON

Cooling demand

Cooling demand