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Akumulatory chłodu ICEON

How we store energy in the form of ice?

Discover potential of innovation

ICE ON energy saving Ice Thermal Storage is the easiest and the fastest way to reduce operating costs of cooling systems.


Accumulation of cooling energy in the form of ice allows to reduce annual operating costs by up to 30%, thanks to which the investor obtains a short payback time. Cashback of just a few years.


This solution could be applied to existing cooling systems with chillers as well as to new installations.

Our mission is to develop innovative technologies that allow you to effectively manage energy while minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment.


ICE ON Ice Thermal Storages enable production of energy cooling in periods when electricity is the cheapest, e.g. at night. Energy cooling accumulated in the form of ice is then used for process cooling or to provide thermal comfort conditions.


The main difference between traditional chillers and ICE ON Ice Thermal Storage is the use of the most optimal conditions that occur during the day for the operation of the device. Lowering the temperature on the condenser side by 10°C increases the efficiency of the cooling device by more than 30%. In addition, it is possible to change the method of settlement with the electricity supplier, taking into account tariffs with zoning.


We provide innovative engineering solutions that significantly reduce operating costs of water cooling systems

Akumulatory chłodu ICEON
Akumulatory chłodu ICEON
Akumulatory chłodu ICEON
Akumulatory chłodu ICEON
Akumulatory chłodu ICEON
Akumulatory chłodu ICEON

The most important benefits

Akumulatory chłodu ICEON

reduction of annual operating costs of cooling systems by up to 30%,


possibility of effective management of excess energy from renewable sources, such as: photovoltaic modules, wind farms, etc.,


increasing system reliability by reducing peak loads on power networks,


optimal management of cooling installation thanks to the central control system,


ensuring stable operating conditions of the installation even at very low flows,


reduction of COemission.

Engineering advantages of

ICE ON technology:

Akumulatory chłodu ICEON


ICE ON is maintenance-free, plug & play, full monitoring of operating parameters, compatible with all HVAC systems or industrial cooling systems using chilled water.

Akumulatory chłodu ICEON


Non-flammable, non-toxic, non-explosive and harmless. ICE ON is the safest choice compared to other energy batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries or lead-acid batteries.

Akumulatory chłodu ICEON


ICE ON Ice Thermal Storage could be integrated with renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic modules and windmills. This allows you to use the excess from alternative energy sources as well as stabilize the energy network.

Akumulatory chłodu ICEON


ICE ON doesn't degrade and therefore doesn't lose its nominal capacity and efficiency. Throughout the life cycle, the amount of energy stored is constant. It perfectly adapts to the daily demand for cold.


Akumulatory chłodu ICEON


Equipped in intelligent software for operating and monitoring parameters from anywhere. ICE ON are remotely controlled systems that respond to the cooling needs in advance.

Akumulatory chłodu ICEON


Reduces emmision CO2 by lowering electricity consumption,it doesn't use any toxic or hazardous substances and could be disposed of as waste via traditional ways.

ICE ON Engineering - innovative Ice Thermal Storage

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